Thursday, May 29, 2014


the earth laughs in flowers in a crazy, special way
in tropical countries wouldn't you agree?

Monday, May 26, 2014

this beach and i had a fling;)

it is no secret that i am a lover
of the ocean.
i search them out and feel lost when i haven't been to one often.
my bucket list includes dipping my toes in all the major oceans of the world
(i have done so in 5 so far)

so when we stumbled upon this black sand beach,
inhabited by no one but us 
i kinda, sorta, lost my mind with happiness.
this is when i noticed he was taking photos.
i was unaware my ocean frolicking was being documented.

 i think what was most amazing about this day and this beach
 in Costa Rica
was that it was completely unplanned.
my wandering spirit was alive and well and all i wanted/needed to do was get
into our little rental vehicle and drive.
drive where we had never been before and without a plan.
we were hot and sticky and some of us were doubtful of 
my plan to go,
well, nowhere.

we found paradise.

Friday, May 23, 2014

when my blog becomes all about vacation photos and chocolate

 we spent 12 days in Costa Rica at the beginning of May.
People want photos I keep hearing, and I have stories to share,
so I shall blog. I am not sure that I am a vacation blogger but we shall see.

 let's talk about cacao first.

i had no idea
this is how it grows!
how cool is this to stumble upon in a jungle forest,
surrounded by sloths, toucans, howler monkeys, dripping humidity, lazy rivers and the occasional loud buzzing insect.
 and squirrels too. 
they are a nuisance to gardeners everywhere it would seem.

 here is a pod freshly cracked open filled with the seeds. they are coated in what is a rather unusually tasting slime. not what one would expect. 
but if you suck all that off, then you find the chocolate, 
he promised.
there! see it?
 if you love bitter chocolate, more bitter than you can imagine,
then this is for you. this is straight from the pod, to the drying table, to your mouth.
oh my. so very organic and farm to table:)

the smell was heavenly. 
and we could feel ourselves getting happier by the moment from all those endorphins being released.

i  have a fondness for woodstoves, thanks to my childhood
so was quite delighted to roast the cacao over the fire.

 the grinding into cocao powder was much harder than it might look.