Wednesday, July 31, 2013

what if.

what if i just started again,
didn't explain or justify why i stopped
or what i've been doing.
i just show up,
continuing on as though we just chatted yesterday.

what about we pretend
 that i was marooned on a deserted island
 for the past 40 days,
 collecting sea shells, sunburns and stories.

what if
i remembered that this is for me
and i get to make the rules about this space,
what i share, what i don't, when i visit,
what it looks like.
remembering that there is no need for comparisons,
no concern necessary about how they do it differently than i do,
no self inflicted judgement about their comment count versus mine.

it isn't that big of a deal after all
and for that
i am grateful.

i am weary of everything becoming a big deal.
i want to tone life down for a while.
i just want to be.

and with that,
i am back.



  1. oh please do, those things don't matter here, that's why I like it! the other way is just hard work and not very helpful towards just being where ever you are! really much more honest. Heather x

  2. Welcome back from your peaceful desert island! A forty-day vacation amid sunshine and seashells sounds GREAT to me...