Monday, August 19, 2013

heart connections

i told her that every time we see each other
our hearts stretch out to make room for our newness
and i remind her that tears are so okay
and that i cry when i say goodbye as well.
i talk about how our hearts get that crushed in feeling when
it is time to say goodbye again 
and that while that feels really yucky,
the feeling we had when we saw each other
again was the feeling to hold tight to.

 our love for each other is immense.
i am not sure if there is a better word
and while she lives there and i live here
and she is young and i am old
those facts matter none.

we love each other.
 hello's and goodbye's
the reality of our lives is often harder than we wish for
but it is not an excuse or a reason
 to not continue to forge strong connections.

connections that are made deep in the heart withstand much.

she is not the only one.
she is one of a sacred few whom i hold closer 
than i can even sometimes understand
and  while not all of them are in the little's category, 
but i am blessed with more than a few tiny kindred

 i am so grateful that the scars on my heart
are not so deep and so wide that there is no room for such unabashed loving of each other.
the young ones in my life teach me that.
each encounter i have with them i am reminded that they do not hold grudges,
or forget that i haven't been around much lately.
they just pick up right where we were before
and we carry on.

this one and i shared our own reunion today
and we squeezed tight and chattered away about all that had happened
while we were apart.
she whispered words of love and affection,
telling me how she missed me, how sweet i am, how the "countdown chain" was finished
and i thought to myself,
"out of the mouths of babes comes great affection"

 why has it become so hard as grownups to shower love upon each other,
to tell one another how we feel, how we love them, how they make our hearts sing,
how we feel empty when we are apart.
if we soak up this innocent love offered up by our little's,
surely we could be brave enough to share our love with the big ones we cherish in our lives.

share your heart, friends. share your heart.
send a note, make a FB post, phone someone up.
spread heart connections.
like they do.
it feels so good.



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