Friday, August 16, 2013

I forgot i could do that.

I forgot i could kick butt if necessary.
I forgot that I could lean on myself instead of others if I needed to.
I forgot that I could say hard things with grace, love amd humor, and not fall apart afterwards!
I forgot that working 10-12 hour days is excruciatingly hard on this body of mine amd that helped me   remember that I don't want to do that.
I forgot that my family would be just fine without me. Not perfectly fine, but fine enough.
I forgot that I really can't drink powdered ice-tea or lemonaide. That goes for chickem salad as well.
I forgot that a daily Starbucks habit becomes a daily headache when you are out of town. Yikkes!
I forgot that a lightening/hail/thunder/torrential rain, all at the same time,  storm,  while driving would reduce me to a puddle of hysteria in 5 minutes.
I forgot alot but now I remember! 

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