Tuesday, February 18, 2014


i see the word over and over in the comments.
some of you just simply write the word


  others pen me love notes and affirmations,
reminders, and gentle chastises. 

some of you i don't know by name,
yet you took the time to ask me to stay.
to thank me for writing.
 to show up for me.


 all the words settle on my heart with the gentleness of a feather-


make my heart quicken and quiet.

can  that happen at the same time?
of course it can and it does.

there is an inhale and a deep exhale.
a softening rather than a hardening.
my shoulders relax.

that confirmation of what i needed to hear
 the gentle little push to continue being who i am
it  became forgotten briefly
 in the roar and rush of a life unsettled.
a roar and a rush 
despite the constant practices of quieting my  being.

{this is hard work and needs to be faced with diligence}

of course i am going to quake and waver
when time and time again i awake to a  challenging day
and decide to root my feet and face it head on.

{today is day one}

 you do the same i know
and i am in awe
 of your bravery and forward marching, 
crawling, skipping, walking,

however you navigate dawn till dusk.

be it in words, in work, in quiet surrender, in prayer, in paint,
in tools and dust, in books, at desks, with pots and pans,
in ditches, in fields, with others, in solitude, in the company of the elderly or the little
or the ones in between, 
be it with dirt and seed or pen and paper.

your navigating, my navigating is beauty.

i am in awe of us all really
and i want to share my journey with you.
please continue to teach me how
by being who you are meant to be.
i will continue to.

thank you.
my appreciation for your love of me,
your belief in me,
your rooting for me 
means the world to me.
it really does.



  1. I love you Lady. You are so magical. So honored to call you inspiration. To call you friend.

  2. Hooray! She's at it again! Now you have me thinking about my day with a new word, an inspiring mental picture: How *do* I navigate dawn till dust? Because, let me tell you, it does take some navigating around here!

  3. Ha! That should, of course, read "dawn till DUSK"!

    "-- till dust" conjures up an altogether different atmosphere, doesn't it? Not entirely an inappropriate thought, but still not quite the moment-by-moment daily navigation we're talking about.