Thursday, July 5, 2012


it all comes full circle.
i am where i am on this journey for a reason
this experince or combination of experiences are not happening "to" me,
they just are. they just are moments on this journey
this is hard to remember sometimes but i must not forget.

i believe i am being watched over and cared for and am not abandoned or alone
and that this journey is laid out for me and it has an ending that is perfectly perfect for me.
(these razor clam shells remind me of angel wings)

there is beauty everywhere. i have not forgotten how to find it even though i think i have. my photo journal of my day reminds me that i have not lost my way.
every moment has a gift. a tiny gift some days, a ginormous gift other days.
the secret is to notice. always to notice.
then the day isn't wasted.
the moment isn't lost to the pain and the confusion and the despair.
the gifts always comfort and propel me forward
just one step at a time and before i know it
the day is done and another one is anticipated for tomorrow
always hoping.
 tomorrow is always a new day.
 a fresh start.
but first it is so vital that i stop and honour today.
all that there was for me
and hopefully all that i shared of myself
makes today remarkable
and filled to overflowing with gratitude and gifts.

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