Wednesday, July 11, 2012

have i metioned lately...

that i am going to give Astilbe a place in my garden because it really is quite lovely after all

that i have a dear new friend whom i don't know very well at all but she sends me emails with wisdom and love from a monk named Henri that always seem to say exactly what i need to hear

and have i mentioned
 that i don't think i planted the garden as intensively as i should have but that is okay because it is a new venture and these things happen sometimes.

lately, at least for yesterday and today the fog has lifted from my hazy brain.
i might mention that this follows a very dark day where hard words were spoken and tears flowed and i didn't know if i had indeed given up hope after all.

have i mentioned that our chickens each are laying an egg every day now!
that's 6 eggs a day from our little back yard chicken coop.

have i mentioned that when my house was love bombed two weeks ago the feelings that washed over me were ones of gratitude and relief.
gratitude for the gifts of time and hard work and relief that i found the spaces of my house that were lost.

i should mention that right now my kitchen counters are so messy there isn't a clear spot but i would much rather be typing this list than loading the dishwasher. i am grateful that i have the energy to think about loading the dishwasher today.
that is worth mentioning.
many days i don't.
have the energy that is.

have i mentioned that there are dragonflies and butterflies and woodpeckers in my back yard.
there are.
this makes me happy.

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  1. have *I* mentioned that I love you to bits and pieces?! you are so brave and wonderful!!