Saturday, July 21, 2012

self care check in

went to see Dr. Cindy again
and booked a follow up appointment

drank coconut water instead of a caffeine loaded Refresher
even though i love the new sbux drink i know it has too much caffeine for me

went to 2 appointments with a new naturopath whom i feel very comfortable with
today's session felt like therapy but i think i'm okay with that

loaded my fridge with healthy greens while creating garden baskets.
normally, i send it all to others but now i am going to keep some for me

walked barefoot in the garden

journaled 2 days in a row

laughed alot

recognized that i have made alot of progress these past 3 years and i am capable of more

created a canvas to remind me to keep going when the days get tough

1 comment:

  1. Bravo! Count 'em - NINE good deeds! Er, no, that's actually more like TWELVE (each appointment, you know). That is a lot of sparkly stickers... Do you stick them in a row up and down your legs, like Little Susie does?