Thursday, July 12, 2012

the next corner

i'm reminded (again) that if i continue to put one foot in front of the other
there will be progress.
i can't possibly know what tomorrow will bring and i certainly have learned that i don't control the future and the journey i am on.
i do however get to be an active or passive participant and really it is up to me.

(i so want to be an active participant..i so do, and i think i am)

on those days where the blanket is heavy and the hope bird sings so softly i can't hear her i need to remember the daily discipline of staying in the moment, watching the shifting sky or seasons and remembering to put one foot in front of the other.
the sky is such a constant reminder that whatever we are facing right this moment will change. the sky never stays the same.
and neither do our circumstances.

on the days when i am warmed by the sun and my mind is clear and my heart is full and i easily notice the songbird, i can recharge, remember, process and prepare for the next hard days.

i think this might be vital.
allowing the dark days to be dark.
 accepting the moment instead of panicking or treating myself harshly 
and then filling the light days to the very brim with goodness. recharging.
storing up treasures right?
accepting that i can't always be flying high with energy and optimism is key to getting through the harder moments.
remembering that around the next corner, the very next moment, the next day, or week
 (or years sometimes)
 there will be joy.
 there will be exactly what i need.

i love that i am beginning to be a part of a story that has deeper chapters.
there is a maturity that comes from long, dark walks in the deep forests of our lives.
and the eyes that i am developing are becoming better and better at seeing the beauty just around the corner.

yesterday when i was in the garden i wandered the paths and stumbled upon these hollyhocks

they bloom from the base up and because the garden is new to me
i often come across plants that i didn't know were there.
they are stunning and currently hidden deep down in the foliage but oh how majestic they will be when they bloom full up to the tip top!

that's alot like us right?
we are blooming!
 and oh how majestic we are!

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