Friday, November 16, 2012

not my usual blog post...

the blogging community is as vast as we want it to be
as personal and intimate and bonding
i am still new to linking and affiliating
mainly because of my lack of computer skills.
there is a reason my blog looks the same
and follows the same format each post
one day i will recruit a friend and get a face lift in this space
i was given a blogging award from
who is a beautiful woman of faith,
a mother to a precious child
and an authentic, 
words strung like jewels
she is here
please do visit her space and witness her heart.
i think what i love most about receiving this from her
is that she is a young woman whom i had always been
intimidated by for a variety of self imposed reasons
but now,
years later,
a mutual love and respect and kinship has been forming
as we read one another's blogs.
and i love that
and i know that if i were to see her face to face now,
i would gather her up into a hug and feel such love and connection.
i love that about blogging
i do.
friendships forged that would not have the opportunity to become
in the day to day.
this little virtual award comes with 5 questions and after I answer them,
i pass it along to a fellow blogger.
how fun is that.
and, not at all what i usually do
which makes it feel like an adventure.
here we go.
what is your current beauty obsession:
so right away we can see how this blogging  award can take one in a direction they would not normally go.
i don't have any beauty obsessions unless taking an unusually large amount of bubble baths counts. i am hopeless when it comes to fashion, hair styling and makeup.
i have considered interventions but am always quick to remember they wouldn't do any good because i need to be true to me.
casual. natual.unadorned.
that is me.
name one item that you wished you owned:
ha! this one i can answer because i have been working on wanting things and being okay with that!
i wish that i owned a kick ass pair of leather boots.
i want them to go to just below my knees and be flat.
yes flat.
i don't do heels.
and i want them to be dark dark brown leather
and i want them soon....
what is your favorite topic to read about?
i am currently in love with poetry.
Rumi, Hafiv, Mary Oliver,
Lucy Shaw
(whom i discovered on the bottom shelf at the local sally ann)
usually though i am found reading all sorts of magazines
which I then cut up and paste into my art journals
i think i am a seasonal reader.
in the spring
 i have stacks of gardening books
and in the summer
 i occasionaly will read  a novel.
often finds me introspective and my stack reflects that.
 i go back to magazines, craving the glossy photos and colours.
what inspired you to become a blogger?
there were a few false starts with my blogging
and it wasn't until this one began that it really clicked for me.
originally my blog was started as a collaboration
with my friend Suzy who had moved to another city
as a way for us to remain connected and as an accountability piece for her.
that changed and i just kept on blogging.
if you go back to the very first  posts
you will see a back and forth blogging style between the two of us.
she picked the name too and it just stuck.
blogging became a life line for me as i have walked through my illness,
especially this past year being off work.
it is a place where i spill out what i want my heart to remember.
what nail polish are you wearing right now?
i try to always have my toenails painted.
it might be the one girly thing i do.
right now they are...
( i need to look...hold on)
deep purple.
thanks Michaela
i am passing this award on to the lovely Erin

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