Monday, March 11, 2013


i feel as if i am being surrounded
by inspiring people. events. happenings.
like today,
i found out that a friend
 wants to plant a garden in her front yard
to share with her neighbours.
how absolutely amazing is that!
and on the weekend,
at a birthday party for a dear friend
i heard stories shared about what an impact
she had been to so many individuals
just by sharing her home. her space. her life.
today i watched a ted talk
and while i don't know how to link videos to my blog yet,
can i just say that
guerrilla gardening
(gardening in empty spaces, unusual spaces, free spaces)
makes me very, very, happy.
in my own home
i daily witness bravery.
my dear ones paving paths for themselves that are neither easy or mainstream
but paths that bring them closer to honouring their true nature and paths that are perhaps whispers of intuition.
so inspired by what i am reading right now.
the post it notes cannot keep up with the goodness on the pages.
and nest building!
every year i am so inspired by the birds.
so much.

1 comment:

  1. What is inspiring me at present? Hmm... Skinny jeans. High-heels. Flouncy skirts. Small and lacy underthings. All of them at least five months in the future, but inspiring nonetheless when I resist the urge to take second-helpings...

    I think I'm really tired of being pregnant, no?

    Also, sunshine. Every time I see the sunshine, I get excited for springtime...