Monday, June 10, 2013

simply happy

garden flowers make me happy.
growing them, picking them, arranging them..
allowing them to arrange themselves,
vegetables, not so much
i am realizing.
here's the thing.
i am far enough along in my life now to recognize some themes
and being i am far enough along in my life that i can be pretty sure i am half way done,
i best be surrounding myself with happy whenever i get the chance, right?
what am i waiting for?
i have been thinking about the simple state of happy.
and this is what works for me...
i am happy when i paint my toenails.
not my fingernails though, not ever.
i did tonight, for some photos tomorrow and it just feels
so, not me.
but my toes are happy!
i love art
and i am happiest in the presence of  children's work.
like this one.
i adore this self portrait!
just look at those ears.
more about the flowers make me happy realization.
here is the thing.
growing vegetables is the right thing to do
(for me)
 and while it satisfies me,
it doesn't make me happy, happy.
so i have decided that i am going to grow flowers instead
and buy my vegetables, other than the small garden i have in the back yard,
from the farmers who really love to grow and sell vegetables.
that works.
what else makes me happy?
i am happy when i am in close proximity to those i love.
this makes me happy.
and so when i have to be away from them,
i need to figure out ways to feel connected. regardless of space and time.
letter writing, emails, texts,love packages,
those make me happy and fill the space for me.
the phone, not so much. i dread talking on the phone.
so i try to avoid it.
this post feels ridiculous even as i type away on the keys
but i have learned to trust that what shows up here is what i need to say.
happy is found so simply really.
toes, flowers, children, letters, candy...
yes that makes me happy.
i always thought i could do my
 ridiculous diet so much better
if i could only keep the candy..
i have loved candy since i was a wee small girl
and never gave up that love.
fresh herbs rather than dried ones makes me happy,
books rather than e-readers, white furniture, golden honey,
weathered pots instead of new ones, oversized sweaters,
bubble bath that isn't all itch provoking...
flat shoes.
oh my, i tried for years to wear heels and i never felt  happy about that.
so i just wear flats, and embrace my shortness.
and curly hair versus straight..
that's another tricky one..
curly wins. it actually does..
i think it has something to do with my age.
accepting who i am with less of a fight.
what makes you happy?
and what makes you unhappy that you have the freedom to stop doing
so there can be more happiness in your life?
that's the thing right?
my life has alot that i can not control in it
  so i work hard to notice
 what i can change and do and be a part of...
creating happy moments is pretty high on the list
because happy is simple
 and doesn't cost anything
and just results,
i hope,
 in more happiness.


  1. Hope in happiness... happiness in hope... yes. This.

    PS I realized a few weeks ago that I don't want to have a garden this year. I really don't. But I probably will anyway... what do does that say about me right now?

  2. I LOVE the colors in that flower shot!! Soo pretty. :)