Tuesday, June 4, 2013

notes to myself.

fresh start.
build on what exists.
keep the foundation in good repair.
trust the work already done.
move forward with what you have.
focus on the positives. let the past remain there.
recognize how hard all this feels.
 honour that.
slather yourself with love.
the budget may need to free up some
"survival funds"
celebrate common ground. do not panic.
tears are ok.
forgive yourself as often as nnecessary.
extend more grace than you thought possible.
extend more.
reel in your mind.
create memories. small ones count.
baby steps count
(Teresa says this is true. i believe her)
forgive yourself for panicking even though you promised you wouldn't.
have someone to talk to.
make gratitude lists about her.
be aware of your triggers.
bury your face in the herb garden often.
say "i love you"
more than you feel is necessary.
say it again.
watch the sky.
listen a lot. speak a little.
call in the tribe. banish the judgers.
nourish yourself. share food together.
repeat after me,
this too shall pass, this is not the end.


  1. very good advice here! especially those first six lines. I will write those down! Heather x

  2. I love this - Proverbs of Tania! Such good things to remember. So necessary and so true.