Tuesday, October 8, 2013

victory dances and gratitude lists

(not my image..oh how i wish it were)

victory dances are important 
when one is navigating life.
and  today i am victory dancing for a variety of reasons.
in these next few weeks i am going to record my victories
as well as my gratitude's because,
well, i want to.

victory dancing for three days of no solid food.
victory dancing that i was able to go to work today and spend time with little's who light up my life
victory dancing that i am managing to sleep a few hours every night instead of none at all.
victory dancing that i have moments that are incredibly difficult but i am able to remember they are just little bumps really and i just get through them.
because what other choice do we all have.

that's the thing right?
our stories are all relevant and equal and amazing and inspiring and hard.
at least parts of them are. 
some seasons of our lives are just hard.
be it the drowning in motherhood years or the drowning in empty house years
or the wading through financial tough times years or the drought years 
of loneliness, sickness, death and despair,  broken dreams, deep disappointments
divorce, disability...
whatever it might be.

this is why we must victory dance for ourselves.
because we are doing hard work,
this living is hard work but it is also oh so glorious
and that is where the gratitude comes in.
there is so much to be grateful for,
even on those really crappy days you know?

gratitude practice i can do.
 and it changed my life when i started. 
and it changes my life when i stop.
but victory dancing about myself. 
that is new.
and i think i like it.
it feels dangerous almost.
to notice all the little and big choices and actions i partake in to create a life i love.

i am grateful today for a friend who made me soup so i had a day that i didn't have to make it,
 i am grateful for my children who are cooking meals and keeping the house clean so that when i am home all i really need to do is rest,
 i am grateful for a bouquet of flowers delivered to me from my sweet Isla
 (thanks Katie)
i am grateful that each time i open my journal i am encouraged and reminded and inspired to continue to look forward and not back. i am grateful my kids are finally getting better about bringing their dishes down from their rooms, i am grateful that we are all taking vitamin C to stave off cold season.
i am grateful that there is golden light in my back yard at this moment and i am grateful that i can drink endless cups of herbal tea because my tea cupboard is full. i am grateful that my curly haired girl is keeping me company while owen works long days on Pender this week and i am grateful for this space.

victories and gratitude.
these make  me oh so happy.