Friday, November 22, 2013

fly { 5 minute friday}

i see the word
as today's 5 minute friday prompt
and i know in an instant that i am writing about her.
my curly haired girl
took center stage for many months here on my blog,
and in my heart
and while i don't write about her often anymore,
she continues to be my teacher, 
my muse, 
the one who brings me to my knees 
with prayers of thanksgiving and gratitude
tumbling forth and spilling over

i thought this would be an easy 5 minutes.
it is not.
the words are stuck and jumbled in my mind.
just know
those of you who journeyed with us
that she is flying.
and oh so brave.
and for those that are journeying with lost children,
love wins.

more about the curly haired girl can be read here and here


  1. Our children can teach us so much, especially those that wander and stray, in fact, if we are willing to learn, they probably teach us more and grow our faith in the trial; however hard to face, Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks for visiting and sharing and encouraging!

  2. we are now on the other side (mine is 25)...the side where friendship is leading us. There were some very rough years and I agree with homeskoolmom...those that stray and wander teach us so much, about them and ourselves! I agree with wins, always!!

  3. we are in the thick of it right now. I am trying to hold the space, and be involved and love, and move things forward where I can. I am having to learn to be patient and trust and speak up where I can. it's not easy. I had already read your previous post. It is inspiring to me. I would like to read back more at some point too. Heather x

    1. I carry you in my heart Heather! If you eer want to talk more email me at xox