Tuesday, November 12, 2013

i want to remember...

i want to remember 
how absolutely brilliant our autumn was this year.
now that the rain is here, it would be easy to forget and grumble
but my goodness we were blessed.

 i want to remember on these days when my body is
bone tired and there is nothing left of me at the end of the day
that it isn't always like that..

 i want to remember that this is where i find joy
with the small ones.
no matter what else calls to me,
the small ones call to me the loudest and clearest and purest of all.

i want to remember to stay connected with others
to trust and share and spend time with kindreds.

i want to remember that it takes as long as it takes.
every day is forward progress.
the journey is rich.

1 comment:

  1. This fall has been amazing, hasn't it? And, if you want small ones...we got small ones! Just ask!