Tuesday, May 28, 2013

mini vacation

a year and a half ago,
when life was harder than,
well life itself
{or so it felt at the time}
i made a deep connection with the
 music and lyrics of
 Mumford and Sons.
they became my sound track and i still listen to them
at least once a day.
we traveled to Vancouver to see them live at an outdoor concert this past weekend
and my heart grew at least 2 sizes, i am sure.
you know that feeling,
standing in a crowd of 25,000 people
 feeling right at home
because you are so connected to the words, the sound,
 the feeling that a particular music evokes?
ya, that's what happened.
i felt at home.
 in an enormous crowd.
with owen behind me and hannah by my side.
we had the best 3 days together,
traveling, not too far from home,
but far enough away to feel like we were able to escape,
for a few moments,
the life that we adore and work hard at, but sometimes feel burdened by.
we lost ourselves high above Vancouver in our hotel room,
we lost ourselves peering, in awe at the jelly fish displays at the aquarium,
we lost and found our hearts at the concert
and we lost ourselves again,
 becoming silly and carefree
 in the pretend rooms of ikea
the next morning.
mini vacations are golden.
take them people!
 even if it is just downtown,
wherever your downtown may be.
take yourself away
 and remember how to come alive again.
  a mini vacation is also a great excuse to wear a new dress!


  1. I love mini-adventures! it's true you can find yourself again, Heather x

  2. I love your new dress! This weekend sounds like bliss. I am so glad you three had such a great time!