Tuesday, January 14, 2014


life is serious you know?
and as one who spends a lot of time-
perhaps too much time
 being introspective
and in deep question mode,
sick and tired
stretched thin and fragile mode
i need to lighten up.

 there are the times like the one above-
where i just can't keep a serious face for another moment.

 {and going all the way to Thailand to cut loose was pretty awesome-just look at those pants}

or there are times when we will be sitting around quietly
reading or being on our phones,
caught up in our own worlds
and i will suddenly 

across the room and tackle that man of mine
and before you know it there is laughter and silliness and an overflow
of so much love.

perhaps in the middle of a most serious day,
which most seem to be,
i can find myself being laughed at by one of my little's
as i read a most ridiculous story
or i may find myself laughing with them as they do the most absurd things.
{gosh i love my job-so much laughter}

sometimes it takes a very funny movie
or a passage in a book
like a few nights ago,
that found me giggling away 
without any way of stopping to 
share just what was so funny.

laughter was abundant last week
when the curly haired girl and i tried out
aqua zumba...
are you kidding me..
do THAT in a pool?
i almost drown..
in the shallow end!

i am looking for laughter more these days,
seeking it out,
finding it in unlikely places,
new places
like on a skype date with a dear kindred
{skype is very new to me}

i am discovering of course
that  the more we look for it,
embrace it,
ALLOW for the joy,
the silliness 
the ridiculousness of the moment
 to fill and flow over,
lightheartedness follows
and i will always welcome more of that in my life.

[it's a nice balance,yes?]

and those pants
well  in Thailand, they felt just right
yet every time i put them on here, i find myself thinking;
"really Tania, really?"
i think i need to go back!


  1. Totally loving the pants!! Allow joy! Love this.

  2. Yes! You need to go back! Ack! We need to talk! Now that you're getting used to Skype maybe you and Owen and John and I could have a Skype date?! Ahh this is such a happy-making post. The photo and the processing both. xoxo