Thursday, January 9, 2014


for quiet morning, green juice, extra deep baths,
the laughter and tears that have filled
the house this week,
saying "yes!" and experiencing new opportunities,
messy paint stained hands, conversations with strangers,
brave mama stories and communities that gather.

thankful for the ease of texting love and the joy of mailbox messages,
hard conversations that can turn soft with the right approach,
money jars with trip plans written on the front
for tea with a friend
for the warmth of shared stories

for pushing through and feeling the release,
reading blogs that just might convince me it is okay to search for Him again,
children's art, my art, your art
the gifts that are given without anyone ever seeing
the wonder of the fog and forest
tall majestic trees

thankful that i am learning to be angry
to find a way to honour my emotions and not suppress and also not cause harm
paint chips that have just the right word as the colour description.
being wise enough to not blame god for what happened,
knowing it wasn't him. it really wasn't.


  1. I love that photograph! And, I'll say it once more, so nice to have you blogging again, sister.