Thursday, May 9, 2013

sweet smells.

"sweet smells are running up and down the earth kissing every nose"
-emily carr-
i have been learning about the difference between
 loneliness and solitude,
laziness and rest,
 treatments and healing,
 hanging on and letting go,
shadows and light.
 and sometimes not.
i am
always learning and i am doing most of it
in my backyard, which i have become so fond of
 this spring,
 i am always so fond of my backyard space in the spring,
when the grass is still green
and the lilacs lay heavy their scent all over me
and there are perenials making their faithful appearance.
i sit in my chair,
learning about rest and relaxation
  accepting that it is not laziness
and honouring the progress in my thinking.
i watch my feelings swing between
 oh so lonely
 oh so grateful for the solitude
and i remember not to take myself too seriously because after all,
everything changes in the blink of an eye around here.
i am watching myself embrace the journey
of medication
and dietary restrictions
as i hold onto the hope that there is an answer
if i keep on looking and it has everything to do with healing
and also requires some treatment.
{balance has come}
and all the while,
the spring blooms wrap themselves around me
 with their scent,
 their colours,
 their floating petals
 and dancing Columbine petticoats.
i am intoxicated with spring this year.
i can not get enough of her.


  1. This is a beautiful sonnet you've written. I miss you, and I miss Victoria in the Spring!!!

    P.S. Is that kombucha you are culturing in those jars?

  2. such a beautiful paragraph about the spring blooms, I can drink it all in with you! a beautiful post, Heather x