Sunday, May 5, 2013

images from my week.

what i wanted to do was come here
and talk about my doubts, my struggle with faith,
the temptation to slide down the path of ungratefulness.
instead. i looked at my images from this week
and decided that all my questions, my waverings, my battles
can be laid to rest.
it is well with my soul.
the battle may rage around me, and in my body,
i am grounded in love and mercy and grace.
my days are overflowing with the beauty that i make a choice to see.
it is always there,
waiting to be stumbled upon, fallen into
 and i am re- deciding,
right now,
 to continue to choose to see it.
and document it
and share.
find the beauty with me today.


  1. The beauty I am loving today is - this amazingly gorgeous weather! Each morning I open the curtains and rejoice anew at the blue sky and sunshine and life-giving warmth. Then I spend all day sniffing deeply and exclaiming about how wonderfully the air least, when the boys aren't running their engines!

  2. thanks Tania

  3. YES! I particularly love the journal page!