Thursday, June 23, 2011

a love note to myself...written February 18,2011

(this was not written because i think i am "all that". i wrote this to myself during a very hard time in my illness and was encouraged to do so as an act of self preservation. it worked...and i need to be reminded so that is why i am sharing it with you remember myself and also to encourage you to love yourself)

A love note to you...
Today I saw that you really practiced reflective listening with people. i am proud of you for taking the time to hear what people and especially children are trying to tell you.

I appreciate that you are willing to always learn more about your job. I think it is admirable that you refresh your skills and read alot to help you love and guide the children in a more meaninful manner.

I love you. I love your messy hair and love of candy. I love that you love to make messy art and accept sloppy kisses. I love your desire to be the best person you can be, even if that requires hard soul work and letting go of so much.

I value your health alot and I am grateful that you have taken your medicine every day. I value you resting when you are tired. I appreciate you feeding me with abundance so you can be nourished for the next stage.

Thank you for loving yourself through this letter. Believe every word-they are true. And guess what? When you mess up later, it's still all true. I love you!

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