Wednesday, June 15, 2011

missing us

i have been missing you!
i have been missing a place to write my random thoughts.
i have been struggling with "to blog or not to blog"
do i wait till you are able to blog again
or do i just keep on chatting at you and when you can join me you will and if you can't is that okay?
i think i need this.
i need a place to put down some of my thoughts
my struggles, my triumphs, my little bits of Tania.
it is lonely sometimes in my world,
partially by my own chosing, partially due to my limited energy.
but lonely non the less.
and writing is a way for me to feel less lonely
and that is important to me.
so i am going to start blogging to you again.
no pressure. hopefully you will read my letters to you
but even if you don't that's okay because i will have gotten out what i need to say.
i think i will blog everyday because i think i have lots bottled up inside.
i feel heavy and guarded and on edge
and perhaps letting some of that spill out will help
me feel lighter.

1 comment:

  1. Awe... I agree... I miss your blogging to each other!