Wednesday, June 22, 2011

wear sunscreen...

as hannah was leaving for school today we exchanged our usual goodbyes and i love you's
and then she said to me:
"don't forget to wear sunscreen"
"I won't" I replied.
"I worry about you being out in the sun all day...don't forget!"

ahhh..i love this girl.
she challenges me. oh my she challenges me.
or maybe i challenge myself because i want only the best for her
i want to see her become the spectacular woman that i know she is meant to be.
i also ache for her.
being a teenage girl is tough. figuring it all out. trying to naviagate all the paths that are offered.
she is a fierce one and our love for each other is equally fierce.
sometimes it sounds angry and hurt and bitter and lound
and other times
it sounds gentle and encouraging and kindhearted.
there often is the sound of crazy laughter and shouts and ridiculous negotiations...
but always,
there is that love that is deep and forever and stronger than anything!
i love this girl!

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