Thursday, June 16, 2011

a new day

i tumbled out of bed this morning,
groggy and heavy hearted
sad with the events that unfolded in Vancouver last night.
as i sat and watched the news after the game
watching the people jumping
and jumping, smashing and kicking
screaming and jearing
i was reminded
of just how angry our society is.
and i wondered.
 we really don't have to want for anything, risk our lives for
daily survival, regulary fear for our safety, wonder where our
next meal will come from,
mourn the frequent deaths of our family and friends due to war and sickness.
why are we so angry?
and how can we let some of that anger go in a healthy way. how can i
teach my soon to be (and already) twenty something children
how to find some meaning in their lives that will prevent them from
becoming part of the generation of angry people
when i tumbled out of bed today,
i also had other thoughts...
what would i do today with my small ones
to ensure that they grow into kind, loving, peacful people?

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