Tuesday, September 6, 2011


my garden is heavy with blooms
and i spent some time
deadheading yesterday.
the finished blooms were snipped off
carefully leaving behind unopened blossoms
and the plants stood a little taller when i passed
by them with my scissors.
i started to think about my life
which i often do when alone in my garden
and i reilized
that deadheading is a way of extending the life of a plant
and my life as well!
when i snip away at the blossoms that are finished blooming
i send a message to the plant that it isn't finished yet.
keep growing
keep blooming
keep being beautiful
don't set seed yet.
and for myself
keep growing
keep blooming
keep being beautiful
don't settle yet.
deadheading is a dilemna
if i leave the spent flower
it will turn into seeds which i can collect and plant next year.
if i snip it off,
the plant will continue to be  bright and beautiful
providing food and enjoyment.
as for me-
i deadhead.
i want to extend the life of my garden as long as possible
and i want to extend my life as long as possible too
which means
i need to do some deadheading
perhaps it's as simple as
letting go of the past
taking care of myself
or perhaps it's more complicated
getting down to the root of what is going on for me in certain areas of my life
all i know for sure is
that when a plant has been deadheaded-
it stands taller
reblooms and lives alot longer
and that is waht i want for me.

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