Friday, September 30, 2011


to cherish a desire with anticipation
to expect with confidence
to anticipate, await and hope for

kinda like a package of seeds.
a whole lot of hopefulness.

i wonder where we find our hopefulness.
what is it that makes us hopeful in the first case?
is it a faith in God?
for some, yes.
is it encouraging stories from others?
for some, yes.
is there any choice but to be hopeful?
what happens to those who give up hope?
how long does one go on hoping for?
forever, i imagine.

to cherish a desire with anticipation.
cherish is a heart word..
one that is cherished is held close to our heart.

the word desire worries me a little in the above definition
because i am well aware that my desires
are not always God's desires or even another person's desires.
if my desires and the person i am being hopeful for
are not the same,
then how is it all going to work out?

then there is that word anticipation..
that seems to indicate a certain amount of
what if i am too weary to be excited?

when i looked up the definition for hope
i am not sure what i wanted to see.
but i don't think the above definitions are
bringing me the comfort i was seeking.
i wonder why?
my goodness this blog is full of questions.
questions that i have no answers for
and don't really think i want answers for.
i think i am just needing to put them out there.

fears with question marks.

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