Sunday, September 25, 2011

melting what is frozen

sometimes we don't even reilize
that hearts are freezing up.
they are becoming
hard and frozen
and rigid
and cold to the touch.
we are so "busy"
that we fail to notice the
layer of ice that is forming.
solid and thick.
what does it take to melt what is frozen?
cupped hands around a cold heart
warm blankets and tea.
an understanding of why freezing happened in the first place
a willingness to feel the coldness
and sit with it.
waiting for the dripping to begin
the softening and the melting.
i kinda imagine it like an icecube
that has a raspberry frozen right in the center.
it looks so pretty on the outside
but it isn't until the ice melts away
that i can savour and enjoy the
fruit in the center.
that is what is it like when softening a frozen heart.
seeing all the ice and 
loving it while it melts
knowing that deep within
is a heart of gold.

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