Tuesday, September 13, 2011

digging deep

sometime when i am weary,
like today,
i need to dig deep to remember where i am.
i need to pull on the reserves
that are deep within me to get through my day
even my moment.
this is one of those days.
it isn't suprising that i am weary today.
i have been blessed these past few weeks
with two adventures,
both with strong emotional connections
and my work is full of caring and loving
and my parenting is also full of caring and loving
so i am not concerned or upset that i am weary
i am just noticing it.
noticing that today my heart is tender
and i am extra sensitive
and i am quicker to sigh heavily.
i was told today by someone
who doesn't know me very well i guess
people only do daycare for the money.
that hurt.
i was also today today by someone who knows me very well
i am appreciated and loved.
that felt better.
maybe the weather has something to do with the weariness
but i don't think so.
i think i am just in need of some rest.
some soul rest and heart rest
and physical rest.
rest is good.

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