Thursday, September 29, 2011

grateful right now!

grateful for the ginorumous bouquet of sunflowers i picked from my garden
and had the sense to keep for myself this time.

grateful for the ice-tea from sbux that owen just unexpectedly dropped off for me.

grateful that i get to have dinner with caleb every wednsday night all because
owen thought we should be more intentional about it and we were and caleb considers it be a priority now too.

grateful that there are women out there who, instead of giving advice, give understanding

grateful that one of the three bathrooms is clean.

grateful right this minute that 3 of the 5 little ones are sleeping.

grateful that kindness does indeed change things.

grateful that our couch was full last night with  our teenage/adult children.

grateful that i am learning so slowly to walk away when i have nothing nice to say. i am trying very very hard to only speak words that make souls stronger but it can be very tricky.

grateful that i understand that it takes a whole lot of people to bring us to where we need to be and that not all of us have the same style or method but that is okay.

grateful to see the sun rising over the big maple tree in the backyard this morning.

grateful that tonight i have a little house guest who is going to let me paint her nails.

grateful that i still know how to be grateful. gratitude is so important to me and i am thankful that i have a greatful heart.

grateful that i am looking forward to my future...i think it involves collecting a piece of paper or two.

grateful that i learned how to switch the comment section on my blog so now my readers can leave comments super duper easily if they want to.

grateful for my extended family

grateful. just super grateful right now!

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  1. I am very grateful today too, and now I'm reminded to be grateful for gratefulness! I love you! You are a ray of sunshine to those who know you (and especially to those lucky enough to be related to you!).