Wednesday, September 28, 2011

i always thought it was optimism...

there is a difference of opinion
in our house these days
between owen and i.
am i eternally optimistic
or just
really, really

i am absolutly convinced
often in my daily life
"this has never happened before"
"i have never felt this heartbroken"
"i can't believe "this" is happening!!
all with genuine
amazement and fresh emotional reaction.

i have always thought that
i am a very optimistic person
and therefore as soon as something
tricky or difficult or hard has occured
and been processed and we've all moved forward
i forget about most of the hurt and negativity
and life continues forward
full of goodness and light.

owen has gently mentioned to me
that perhaps i am just really forgetful.
because apparantly
our newest challenges we are working through
right now
have happened before!
but, yes, apparantly
there have been some tough teenage years in our house in the past
and we got through them together
and said teenager is now an adult
and still speaks to us and loves us and has an
 independent life.
apparantly i shed hot tears and anguished
and learned some new things
and we all stretched and grew together
and then i forgot.
i guess.
it is more complicated this time
but the question remains..
is it optimism or forgetfulness?
i think it's a little of both.
and so does he.

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