Wednesday, June 27, 2012

feeling nostalgic about last June

last June i saw these and decided i was going to grow easter egg radishes in my garden.
so i did.

last June i met a woman who made paint from clay and garden flowers and herbs
and she was so full of love and intention and goodness that i bought some from her.
they are still in my fridge.
i used to use them as face paint for the little ones
and sometimes myself.

last June on a warm evening owen took me to the chairs on the edge of Oak Bay and we sat and talked and drank tea and watched the sky change colour.

last June we took one last walk with our dear V and had our last sleepover with her at our house before she moved away and continued her journey of growing up somewhere new.

last June i thought about buying this dress
 but i didn't because i used to often leave favorite dresses in the store instead of buying them and bringing them home with me.

last June was when i started documenting my daily life with the ipone
 and taking photos of everything!
 i'm so glad i do.


  1. What a cool idea for a post! I just might steal it...

    I am intrigued by the past-tense about your dress non-buying habits - do you now bring them home with you?

    Also, glorious radishes! And I dislike radishes. To eat, I mean...I leave eating the radishes to other people at my table. But these are beautiful.

  2. Im glad too!!!! your photos and everything are awesome!! thanks for sharing :)