Saturday, June 23, 2012

two lies

i've been listening to myself carefully
looking for patterns and such.
listening to the words that play in my head
and i've caught onto the fact that i am telling myself or at least belieiving at least two lies.

goodness knows, there could be millions more
but i am in enough trouble with these two so i am going to stop looking for a while.

lie number 1
"i can't afford wellness"

lie number 2
"speaking truthfully about how you feel is complaining"

i am fascinated by myself and the crazy stuff that goes on in my head against my better judgement but obviously these things happen and now that i have caught myself
i have to figure out what to do next.

oh, and see that pie?
it lied too...
or at least the sign posted next to it did.
looking all delicious and boasting organic and wholesome.
 and maybe even ethically made.
worst pie ever.


  1. Pictures can be deceiving.
    Speaking thruthfully is not complaing.
    If we can't speak the truth about whats going on than we are holding it in wich makes it worse.
    You have to speak to get better.
    Wellness is worth any cost for you,your family and everyone else that loves you. Your priceless and mean a lot to many people.

  2. "You are priceless!" That's right - and don't you forget it, sister!

    Myself, I complain too much...but I know completely what you mean by "crazy stuff that goes on in my head against my better judgement." Those insidious untruths...

    (Your pastry there, and the description of it, brought to mind that hoary classic by The Eagles - something about "Honey, you can't hide your lying pies...")