Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Loving Right Now

i am in love with this plant this year for the first time ever
can't get enough of it...

people who plant vegetables in random spots and containers
gutter gardens, tire gardens, gardens that grow where you just wouldn't think they would.
love this...

my front flower bed.
love that every plant in it was given to me from someone
it isn't the prettiest bed, and i neglect it horribly and it doesn't benefit from rain because of the eves but i love that it is filling up all through generosity.

garden saving expeditions
i love that this past weekend owen, judi and i went and saved some plants before the house was demolished.
it felt right.

fresh eggs
our chickens are learning to lay and we now are getting 3 eggs a day, most days.
it's a noisy affair and seems to take all day but still,
fresh eggs from the backyard.
yes. i love this!

daisies and flowers that have been gathered by small hands.
it's been 6 months since i stopped working and i notice it now more than ever.
spring is here and my house would have been filled with flowers and grasses and random leaves gathered on spring walks.
this little bunch was gathered by Alice, our niece and I enjoyed it over dinner one night at Grandma's house.


Our kitten Marmalade
I call him JamJam for short.
We love him.

The gardens
I am loving having two gardens.
The big one at the farm and the small one at home.
I love that we are discovering new ways to use what grows in abundance,
like Mint and Borage and Kale and Calendula Flowers.

those are a few of the things I am loving right now.
what about you?


  1. I am loving YOU! I am loving having an adorable little family. I am loving having out of town family in town. I am loving cooking from my little patio garden. And I am loving SUMMER!

  2. This is such a fun post! At this very moment, that's what I'm loving. I didn't keep up with my blog-reading for almost a month, so now I'm doing a bit of time-travelling backwards...you must be drowning in email notices!...and really enjoying all your pictures and thoughts and discoveries. Favourite picture, this post: Rubber Boots & Rhubarb! Favourite adventure, this post: Garden-saving! I am also loving, at this very moment, a particular tall good-looking husband who randomly brings his wife gifts of chocolate mid-morning...