Sunday, June 17, 2012

focus on the can do, not the can not

following up from this post

i can make a delicious kale and bacon quiche
i can stay connected with my dear daughter every day
i can water the plants in the window sill and change the flowers in the vases
i can smile at strangers
i can notice the beauty around me anywhere i might be
i can send mail
i can create herbal teas and bath salts
i can collect eggs from the chickens every morning
i can take photographs
i can be a listening ear
i can read and hear my story woven into theirs
i can create a beautiful garden basket
i can deliver flowers to what used to be strangers and are now friends
i can exchange love conversations with babies
i can welcome whoever ends up sleeping on my couch when i come downstairs in the morning
i can continue to be hopeful
i can continue to be vulnerable and truthful about my story

1 comment:

  1. I like "can do" lists...and kale and bacon quiche.