Friday, August 24, 2012

gratefulness often hides in the most amazing places

empty jars that get filled with plum syrup and jelly
plums that were picked by loving friends because they knew i was fretting about a tree of fruit going to waste.
sessions offered to my tired body. harps being played. muscles being maipulated. stories being confirmed.
gifts to this weary lady because others care and are willing to share their time and healing hands with me.

mail love from others who are on their own journeys of faith and healing.
love that comes in envelopes and emails and texts and facebook love
love from all of you, who despite your own journeys, have time to share in mine.
i am grateful this week for the quietness that i am beginning to embrace in myself
i am grateful for the flavour of chicke broth and how it feeds my brain and helps me stave off food cravings.
i am grateful that i am still able to help others, share with others and love others despite needing so much love myself.
what are you grateful for today?

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