Wednesday, August 22, 2012


i am missing my garden and trusting she is growing and waiting for my return
i am enjoying being 6 pounds lighter, but also wise to the folly of pounds lost due to sickness and strife.
i am consuming warm cups of chicken broth made by my dear son along with my water and i am feeling my brain clear away some of the fog that settled during the 5 day fast.
i am wrestling with the reality that my body didn't respond as hoped or expected these past days and i am having to continue with a liquid diet for longer...
i am enjoying helping my friend create a welcoming classroom because even though i am too weak to move stuff, this girl still lights up with the opportunity to create learning spaces.
i am watching our newest house member move his belonging upstairs to his room and i am delighted to see the whole family working together to help him get it done
i am tired and sore and weary but i am also so lifted up by the care that is being extended to me daily
i am anticipating tomorrow

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