Thursday, April 4, 2013


i am here again.
and it feels very, very good.
(feel free to visit for a visual tour of my garden days...big camera style)
i love the feeling of bare feet in the garden.
dirty hands that become caked in soft soil.
i appreciate the brave seedlings that are germinating after the winter,
returning year after year to their self claimed spot in the garden.
yesterday i was moving bulbs and was delighted by all the baby corms that had developed.
"really!" i emailed to a wise friend
 "this is amazing!"
 so many from just one bulb!
replenishment happens in the darkest of places
the garden is my healing space
right along with the beach
and the deep forest
i live in the best place in the world
for me.
i landed exactly where i needed to.
how amazing is that!

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