Tuesday, April 30, 2013


it feels like spring
the very spring we have been experiencing here on the west coast
bouts of endless rain and wind
and then the  sun warmth hitting my shoulders and letting them loosen just a wee bit.
unexpected changes as the day progresses.
one moment stormy and afghan wrapped and the next
barefoot and garden wandering.
opportunities for bravery
and for the hard work of pecking myself out of the shell
 i have needed to occupy for the past 15 months.
i have taken upon myself opportunities this week that allow for me to expand
and test out my fragile wings again.
while at the same time,
i am consuming more medicine and less food than i have in a long time.
it is fragile work
and as unpredictable as the weather
this hatching from winter hibernation into spring.
what i know is this.
the weather changes.
the sky doesn't.
and while the weather blows through and over and around me again and again
 the sky remains solid,
a canvas, a backdrop  for the patterns that pass over my head.
i can depend on the solidness of my being.
i can depend on the sky.
i am hatching
and my wings will carry me.

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