Wednesday, April 17, 2013


i am returning to this place.
where i sing my brightest song.
there is a remembering happening
after a long dark winter that has lasted longer than i imagined,
through seasons that usually are filled with light.
my bravest and brightest song gets sung
in the company of little people,
{i must remember the little people}
in wide open spaces or
when my hands are with the soil,
where the trees grow strong and tall,
at the edge of the water and land,
beside the fire pit
i hear the singing happen when i am behind the camera,
and sometimes even in front of it,
when i can let my guard down with a trusted friend
and feel heard.
understood. with nothing to compare, nothing to prove.
my song is getting louder each time the sun shines
but i notice it can lose its volume so fast
when the day is dark, when this body is hungry
when i forget
what makes me sing.
remembering is important.
i must not forget.

1 comment:

  1. Funny you should mention little people just now... Biscuit was cutting up paper for a collage this week - "We made these with Auntie Tania, remember? When is she coming back for another class?" So...any time you want!