Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sunday, sweet Sunday

hello dear suzy,
so we took the kids away to our favorite place in the whole world
a little cabin out past sooke, with a hot tub
and a beach across the street.
it was wonderful and the kids loved it so much
and i was so blessed to be surrounded by happy faces and laughter

i have read the book you are refering to. i actually own it- i bought it when
i first got sick....pretty eye-opening stuff.
speaking of which, i am restarting my very limited diet tomorrow and am
trying to wrap my head around the commitment that takes.
it isn't the easiest thing to do but i am hoping that this time
i might find some relief.

i laughed about the job and the wage..gotta love it hey?
this is where we must practice gratitude and be
constantly looking for what we are going
to learn and experience in our new place
of employment hey?
we did taxed today. that was depressing.
but hey, they are done and that is a good thing.

on Tuesday, it is my birthday and i made my 43 before 44 list
so i will post it on Tuesday...i was suprised at how easy it
was to come up with 43 things that i want to do/experience
they just flowed out of my fingers onto the page!

i hope your easter was blessed.
have a great first day at work tomorrow.
celebrate your artsy self and be wonderful at customer service!
make people want to return, just to see you!!!!
love ya,

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