Thursday, December 20, 2012

thank you

i just had a little cookie exchange happen
at my door
and it turned into
a love exchange as well.
"can i just say," she said,
"that you are looking great"
how awesome is that to hear
after battling illness and darkness and so much struggle this past year.
i look great!
and trust me,
i looked just like i always do.
hoodie, baggy jeans, pulled up hair,
chapped lips and probably mismatched socks.
 i don't know for sure what she saw,
and it doesn't even matter
i was able to respond
with a thank you,
and an out loud reilization
that i am feeling better.
everytime i say that outloud,
i get sicker for a bit
and so it would make sense to stop declaring it
but i refuse to.
every day that passes without pain
reminds me that i am getting well.
not on my time, but better than yesterday
and certainly better than last week
and so
my  cookie exhanging friend,
thank you for taking the time
 to mention that i looked,
using your words,
thank you for uplifting me, 
making  my day
by noticing something
so simple
something that many of us take for granted sometimes.
it was a very personal reminder
 to share what we see in others-
the good,
the lovely,
 the little sparkles,
the cute shoes,
the kindness we witness them showing,
the face splitting smiles.
whatever it might be.
we need to share love.
it can change your whole day!

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