Monday, December 31, 2012

stories from my year

this post is gonna be long
and link heavy
i can feel it
found us surrounded by
february found me
 about an odd assortment of things
(some of which i still am)
in march
i remembered
and i was
oh so missing the small ones
and walked our trail in their honour.
found me
reflecting on what i learned in my
oh may,
you were
and so was
but i also made some progress
yay me!
 my illness consumed
 way to much of my days and nights
and there were
 strong emotions
there also continues to be
a love-hate relationship
with cooking
found me struggling with silence
and doing alot of
(that experience feels so very long ago)
(my second favorite month)
there were fresh beginning
posts about remembering.
i decided to send love to my illness
in november
i continued to practice gratitude
even when i don't always want to.
in sweet
i found the
and said
 to a love sharer.

1 comment:

  1. Reading this post - at 4am - was the very first thing I did this year! Besides sleeping. And coughing too much. And having insomnia. Anyway...

    1) LOVE that picture of you and Owen!
    2) Terrific & well-chosen retrospective - I read every link! What a year...
    3) CHICKS! Oh, I am so glad you linked back to those adorable chicks!
    4) The "curiosity list" was inspiring to revisit.
    5) Such a wringer of an illness, and you've been so articulate about it.
    6) Wow, Dr. Jerk got us commenters all riled up in your defence, didn't he? HA!

    (Typo alert - the October link is actually a repeat of the second September post.)

    Happy New Year, sister! And give my dear brother a special 2013 hug from me, okay? Here's to another great year of blogging and photographing!