Monday, December 17, 2012


i just drove to the mailbox
because i have a letter that i want to be
in someone's hands before the end of this week
i also bought some almond extract
because i am making macaroons for owen
and i was listening to
mumford and sons
as i almost always am when i am driving
and my thoughts slowly and carefully
returned to last weeks tragedy
and i
found myself in tears
and i need to tell you why.
i have cried many tears for the families
and the loss and the horror and i have
spent hours pleading and asking for so much mercy
 to pour out upon that town
and those broken hearts
but that is not what the tears today are about.
four of my best friends,
my dearest heart sharing kindred spirits
are teachers.
and each time i allow myself to grieve for the teachers
of last week, i grieve for the teacher friends  i love
the friends that i hold in my heart. 
these women,
and all my other teacher friends as well,
men and women both,
beyond a shadow of a doubt
would have given their lives for their students.
they would have been whispering love and hope
and doing whatever they needed to do
to protect their little ones
and big ones
and that
breaks my heart into a million pieces
because i love them so much.
i am grateful for them.
their love. their devotion. their dedication.
i am sad that it takes a tragedy to remind me of this.

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  1. Tania, I cried also for the teachers... it is so beyond sad what has happened. the robbery of lives.. the sheer agony of the family of the shooter.. left behind to bear the shame and guilt of his act..May God grant us forgiveness, may He gives us Mercy and Grace, may He heal our wounds!