Sunday, December 2, 2012


Today i am learning 
how to blog from
 my phone
so that when we go to
I can 
be here in this space. 

Phone blogging isn't that tricky
I imagine, 
except I can't seem to post photos
from my phone here
and that makes me unhappy. 
I am determined to figure it out

Today i am enjoying
the lingering smell of play dough
trom when Owen's nieces and nephews 
Were here and the table
BecAme a work space
For play dough angels and cookies. 

Today I am remembering what it feels
like to keep on hoping and believing
when none of the medicine works
and every sip or bite results in 
and despair for those near to me. 

Today I am remembering
the place our family was in last year
the miles seperating the curly haired girl and us
and how utterly impossible that all felt. 
today she is out for sushi with owen
and there is so much laughter and love 
in our home again.

Today I am remembering
that I am enough.
That I need to be intentional in my cheerfulness
(and that is okay, being intentional about attributes we want to attract)
The hours spent on the couch
mean something.
The time invested into wellness is time well spent
even if it feels futile.

Today I am remembering
that I like this space
and coming here is important to me.
It matters not if what I have to share
is important or life changing
It matters because it makes me happy
and that is enough.

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