Friday, January 25, 2013

a soft spot

i have a soft spot for Asia.
i was just 18 the first time
i packed a backpack with
youthful optimism and went to the Philippines
whole-heartedly believing
 i was following my "calling."
i left behind
my parents, whom i sure were worried sick,
my highschool sweetheart,
the life i understood and knew well,
and i carried myself
believing that i was changing the world
 and making a difference.
what i am reminded of,
having just returned
from Thailand
and spending white sand beach wandering time
is that
i needed Asia
much more than Asia needed me.
there is an optimism
that permeates the people
i have encoutered on both trips.
smiles that crack faces open,
time spent in realationship,
rather than in busyness.
there is little complaint heard
 laughter, good natured teasing and communal living
is the norm.
i am
grateful for the reminders of the good life
 i saw while i was there.
i am richer for the experience
all experiences that we allow ourselves to dive into make for so much heart stretching.
joy filling. mind expanding. soul softening.
my love for this culture
the little i understand of it
runs deep.
(if only the food and i liked each other, but that's another day's story)


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you Heather-it is good to be home- as good as being away was:)

  2. Exciting trip...can't wait to see more pictures! The kids, especially, loved the one of Uncle Owen & the Elephant.

    Sorry to hear about the food :(

  3. Beautiful post! I can relate to the needing Asia more than Asia needed me...having been just 17 when I was there, and in a very similar situation! We need to reminisce more together about those days of our lives. I feel like we'd have a lot to commune/commiserate about. :)