Tuesday, January 1, 2013

one little word.

my word is
and i am excited.
last year
my word served me well
but it felt like work
a struggle
a conflict within me to
truly be balanced.
i am getting there
with that one,
i really am
and i am grateful
but this word...
oh the possibilites!
and my word has helper words this year as well.
four to be exact.
the question i asked myself
(thanks to this lovely lady)
If you lived and breathed
 your word every day, in 2013,
what would be different for you?
i did just that with
last year,
i whispered it to myself daily.
it helped.
here is what i have so far..
we are only one half day in after all
 and i am busy hatching creative plans
 with a group of lovely ladies
and i am finding that to be a lovely distraction,
which is partly the point of creative plans.
i went to the dictionary and the thesauraus for some help.
{i would}
[ i will]
amplify, branch out, bridge,burst forth,
develop,draw out, expand,
fill, go, grow, lenghten, magnify, make, open,
overlap, reach, run, shoot up, span,
spread, spread out, spring up, unfold,
unroll and widen.
i am saying a brave YES to all of those,
especially the colourful ones!
and just as important,
(i will not)
compress and shrink
any longer.

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