Tuesday, January 29, 2013

what if...

i just found a notebook from last year
and it
had a page
doodled with
phrases and words
phrases such as:
hope spreader
love sprinkler
heart chooser
and i remembered
that i was wishing
there was a way
i could do what i love
for just a wee bit of money
you know,
enough to put gas in the car
and buy organic fruit.
what if
we could do what we love
and also earn a living at the same time.
what if
i could create a life
that allowed me to have the rest i need
on the really bad days
but also contribute on the good days
and even
get paid for it..
i dunno...
just a what if thought that is running through my head today.
your input is welcome.


  1. I just love those phrases you have written. If they have come back and found you, this is a good thing. I would make a page or a poster with these phrases and look at them everyday. See what comes! Heather x

  2. You chose my heart, spread love and hope over me and my home daily... I couldn't do this life without you in it... Rest into the dream. Wait. Listen. I'm listening with you.

  3. You give me hope Tania. Those that dwell in the storm give the greatest shelter.

  4. Mmmm, if playing with art & children (or food & children) (or nature & children) once a week should ever fit into your life again, you know who to call!