Thursday, January 31, 2013

meeting myself on the mat

there is sweat
running down my back
and while that might seem like
way too much information
it is important
to me that i share it.
i am
meeting myself
on the mat,
the elliptical machine
and through the footsteps that i am pounding
around the lakes and trails of my neighbourhood.
two motivations are taking me to the sweaty place.
a desire to get strong
and put my illness in the back of my life instead of the front
to renew my connection with nature and the absolutely beautiful place we live in.
and so,
i sweat.
and i get over my fear of doing hard physical activities
because i want to start doing them.
i want to strap on that backpack and return to where i once went.
i desire to hike the west coast trail again
before i am much older than i am now
and i want to
dig dirt and turn garden beds like a boss
in a few short months
i desire to daily remember that we live in a most splendid world
and by getting out of the house, the car, the coffee shop
i will be able to give thanks with more abundance and gratitude
that i already try to do.
to being sweaty!
 to becoming strong!
 to reveling in the greenness that surrounds me!


  1. Hooray! It must be the tiny whiffs of nearly-springtime air - and the amazing way a true vacation can make us re-examine our lives. Go for it!

    (No sweat yet, but I am at last getting out regularly with Stoic Bear to walk our hilly mile several days a week...)

  2. such a beautiful picture! your motivations are lovely! Heather x