Wednesday, May 9, 2012

finding myself in the pages

i'm reading Brene Brown and finding myself in the pages
i'm reading Hafiz
and for those of you who think he wrote those words for you,
i have to tell you differently.
 his poems are written
i'm reading a doctoral paper on adoption trauma
and i am pretty sure i was who she was speaking about,
 i know she didn't interview me, yet her quoted inteview sentences are the very words i have whispered into my journals.
i'm reading the backs of seed packages for the specifics about care
and thinking
"yup, i also need sunlight and space" to thrive.

my yogi tea messages are reminding me that
"your greatness is not what you have, it's what you give"
and i stop and think
well, i don't really want to be great, and actually i need to stop giving so freakin much all the time
(but thanks anyhow)

so while  i don't necesarily accept everything i read
 i do believe that everything i read has a message for me.

a secret message envelope i recieved this week in the mail has a cutout that says
"richness is the place i call home"
and i am reminded that i need to work on creating that space for me.
but first there is the fridge to clean out and the floor to wash and the grass to cut.

i am finding myself in the pages of others because while my story has unique elements to it
it is not at all uncommon.
there is great comfort in knowing that these very paths i am plodding along have been discovered already. not every bump of course, not every wandering trail to the left or right but the main path is well flattened by constant use
and i am grateful to the ones who took the time to jot down their thoughts and wisdom along the way to serve as a guide for me.


  1. You are beautiful. That is the truth. I am so glad you are hearing your heart in other's words. Maybe they did, in fact, write them just for you! LOVE and LIGHT, my friend...

  2. Funny...I talk back to the tea-box quotations, too.